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8 Educational Websites Your Kids Will Love to Use

ANITHA on June 21, 2019

In the modern world, internet access is available to billions of people, which also means information on any given topic is available in abundance. But the issue remains: What is the legitimacy of the source that you're gathering information from and how can you be sure you can trust it?

With the new generation completely growing up on the internet, it's necessary to look from their perspective and make sure that they have access to the right kinds of information and use the internet to their benefit.

Gone are the old ways of teaching. Students of all ages prefer the visual above all other modes of learning.

Luckily, there is a multitude of reliable and legitimate websites for kids of all ages to get into learning. We take a look at the best kids’ education websites for students across age groups.

Ages 4-6 - ABCmouse has over 850 lessons across ten levels. The system is designed in a way so that the progress of a child is tracked and it motivates them to continue learning and guides them to the next level. With thousands of animated activities, songs, games, puzzles, riddles, etc. ABCmouse offers a fun way to learn.

Funbrain - Recognized as a legitimate source of free educational games for over two decades, Funbrain is a trusted website that helps children with maths, problem-solving, reading and more - all through visual media such as videos, games, comics, etc. Their User Interface friendly product makes it easy for children to navigate through and truly brings the fun into learning.

child studying in the library

Ages 7-9

Cool Math 4 Kids - Traditional ways of teaching math by theory can often be monotonous and make children despise what is actually a beautiful subject! On Cool Math 4 Kids, they take out the boring aspects of learning and make it fun, with your child easily picking up addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and more. The quizzes and fun interactive games such as "Alien Addition", "Demolition Division", "Dirt Bike Fractions" and more help put a fun new perspective on learning math.

Ask Dr. Universe - Children have a number of different questions for which they go to adults to seek answers. For example - "Why do people litter?" "Why do flowers smell so nice?" "Why do we have phobias?" among many others. An initiative of Washington State University, Ask Dr. Universe has the answers to questions on a wide array of subjects - whether it's geography, technology, mathematics, culture, animals or pretty much anything else. Their short videos provide concise and perfect answers to the questions mentioned above.

girl studying

Ages 10-13

National Geographic Kids - Apart from just the incredible work they do for television and documentaries, Nat Geo also likes to invest in the future. One of the ways they've done that is by introducing National Geographic Kids - a website parents can use to teach children about all things wildlife-related. With stunning videos and fun games, children can learn about their favourite animals in no time!

NASA Kids' Club - The beauty of humanity expanding its knowledge is that the younger generation gets increasingly curious and they dream big - so much bigger than just the planet! With many kids dreaming about outer space and wanting to know more about it, NASA Kids' Club offers a first-hand peek into how life is in outer space. With puzzles, games and interactive on-screen characters, it's the perfect place for children to start learning about the final frontier.

2 African American children studying

Ages 14-17

Teach Banzai - One of the biggest issues that parents have raised regarding education systems around the world is that they hardly ever teach essential life skills - such as filing taxes! With billions of people having to learn these things outside the walls of school (usually at an age when you want to be teaching rather than learning these basic things), Teach Banzai is the perfect website to get children started on financial responsibility. While managing finances, balancing funds and filing taxes isn't something that most teens will do for many years, awareness of smart money management from a young age gives them an edge.

HowStuffWorks - When a child reaches their teenage years, the level of learning tends to scale up quite a bit and so does their curiosity about various subjects. From health to science and technology, culture, lifestyle, animals and more, HowStuffWorks is an underrated website that provides simple explanations to complex questions. Not only do they have great video content and quizzes, they also have recommended podcasts for any number of subjects, no matter your child’s field of curiosity.

We live in an age where the internet is often used to negatively influence children. Not as much emphasis is given to the positive side of the Internet and how it can help shape children of the future into better and smarter human beings… and yet, this is just as powerful, if not more, when used right! There are plenty of alternate ways to help children with fun learning - so never let them tell you that learning is boring!



Writing credit: Authored by Anitha, a mother of two children with interests in EdTech and a strong advocate for Digital Citizenship.
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