How To Allow/Block Websites On All Devices With Mobicip?


This article describes how to allow/block websites on your family's computers, tablets and smartphones using Mobicip's parental controls.

Summary: Open Mobicip in Parent mode on your phone, select My Mobicip > My Family, and select Websites from the menu.


Open the Mobicip Portal on your computer (or App in Parent mode on your phone) and select My Mobicip > My Family from the menu.

Mobicip menu

My Mobicip

My Family

From the child profiles in your account, select the child you wish to block websites for. Select ‘Websites’ in the panel below.

Allow or block specific websites

You can add domains to Allow and Block list here. Use the format '' for best results. The "http://" or "www" etc. are not required.

add blocked websites  add blocked websites

 add allowed websites   add allowed websites


Save changes

Whitelist Only mode: Choose this mode if you wish to allow only whitelisted websites on your child’s device.

Whitelist mode

All websites other than those on your allowed list will be blocked. Make sure to ‘Apply’ and ‘Save’ at the top right corner to save your changes.