How To Block Social Media Apps With Mobicip


This article shows you how to block distracting (and sometimes dangerous) social media apps on your kids' smartphones and iPads.

Summary: Open Mobicip in Parent mode on your phone, select My Mobicip > My Family from the menu, and select Social Apps.


Open the Mobicip Portal on your computer (or App in Parent mode on your phone) and select My Mobicip > My Family from the menu.

Open the Menu

Click on My Mobicip

Click on My Family

For the child you wish to restrict Social Media for, select Edit > Social Apps.

Select Child and click Allow or Block social apps

You will see a list of popular social media apps, with age-appropriate ones allowed and others blocked. You may change these as per your family's rules.

Block apps page


Block the Kik app

 Touch ‘Apply’ at the top right and ‘Save’ your edits.

Save changes

NOTE: This feature requires Supervising your Child's iOS device.

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