How Do I Configure Mobicip's Parental Controls?


This article shows you how to use Mobicip's parental controls to keep a watchful eye on your family's digital habits.

Summary: From the Mobicip Portal or App, select My Mobicip > My Family from the menu. For each child, configure the restrictions you wish to enforce.



Open the Mobicip App in Parent Mode (or sign into the Mobicip Portal online) and select Screentime from the menu.

Edit the screen time schedule for each child and Apply your settings.

You can also block the screen instantly for each child or the whole family.

Internet & Videos

Open the Mobicip Portal or App and select My Mobicip > My Family from the menu.

For each child, select Configure and the set the age. Mobicip automatically configures age-appropriate Internet restrictions. Review the selected restrictions:

  • Social Apps - to allow or block popular social media apps or websites.

  • Videos - to allow or block popular video streaming apps or websites

  • Categories - to allow or block the Internet by category

  • Websites - to allow or block specific domains

  • Phrases - to block keywords and phrases
  • Network - to disable Mobicip's Internet filter when the device is at school


Open the Mobicip Portal or App and select Apps from the menu.

Tap an app to block (or allow) it for each child.

Select 'More Apps' to pick from the full list of installed apps. Scroll down the long list and search from the App Store or Play Store to block (or allow) apps that may be installed in the future.

Note: It is recommended that you discuss healthy digital habits with your children before you set mutually agreeable healthy limits.