How To Limit Screen Time With Mobicip?


This article describes how to use Mobicip's parental controls to limit the screen time your family spends on smartphones, tabs and computers.

Summary: Launch Mobicip and sign in as a Parent on your phone and select Screentime from the menu.


Open the Mobicip App and sign in as a Parent on your phone (or sign into the Mobicip Portal) and select Screentime from the menu.

Click on Menu


Click on Screentime

Review and Edit the screentime schedule for each child. By default, Mobicip selects age-appropriate limits recommended by the American Academy or Pediatricians.

Setup scheduled screen time for the whole week. Touch ‘Apply’ at the top right to save your selection.

Apply screentime settings

There is an option to extend the blocked time temporarily in 30 minute increments for upto 2 hours.

Extend current screentime restriction

In addition, if your child is in allowed time and you'd like to temporarily block their screen time, touch the "Block Screen Time" button and instantly block the screen time in 30 minute increments for upto 2 hrs

Block screen time instantly

Optionally, you can also lock all family devices instantly, and get your children to spend some quality family time. 

lock all family devices instantly

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