How can I get notified when Mobicip is uninstalled on my child's iOS device?


This article shows how to setup Mobicip in such a way that you get notified immediately when it is removed from your family's iOS devices. On all other platforms, Mobicip can't be uninstalled once set up correctly.

Mobicip's parental controls will continue to work when your child deletes the Mobicip app from their iOS device. If your child disables the VPN (this will stop the monitoring), it automatically turns back on as long as the Mobicip MDM profile is enabled on the device. In Supervised iOS devices, when your child disables the Mobicip VPN, she/he cannot access anything online until she/he turns the VPN back on.

But if your child finds a way to remove the Mobicip MDM profile, then Mobicip's parental controls will stop functioning. We recommend you to set up a Profile Deletion alert to get instant notifications when your child removes the MDM profile on their iOS device.

On consumer iOS devices, Apple by default allows the user to remove any device management profile. Unfortunately, this is a common issue among all parental control apps available in the market today. We can't get around this problem at present because of Apple's restrictions. We are actively engaging with Apple to provide us an API that would allow a more robust service and avoid such potential loopholes. 

Follow the steps below to set up a Profile Deletion Alert.


Open the Mobicip Portal or App and select My Mobicip > My Profile from the menu and check if 'Profile Deletion Alert' is on.

You should see a notification on your phone when Mobicip is disabled on your kid’s device.

A notification will be shown in the Mobicip Portal as well.

Please refer to this article to manage all notifications that are available on your Mobicip app.