How do I prevent Mobicip from getting uninstalled on my child's iOS device?


This article shows how to setup Mobicip in such a way that you get notified immediately when it is removed from your family's iOS devices.

Please note that our hands are tied and we cannot prevent Mobicip from getting uninstalled on an iOS device due to Apple's restrictions. On other platforms, Mobicip cannot be easily removed. 


On consumer iOS devices, Apple allows the user to remove any device management profile. However, if your child removes Mobicip's device management from her device, you can be notified via email or app notification, and the device will not have access to the Internet.

Open the Mobicip Portal or App and select My Mobicip > My Profile from the menu and check if 'Profile Deletion Alert' is on.

You should see a notification on your phone when Mobicip is disabled on your kid’s device.

A notification will be shown in the Mobicip Portal as well.

Please refer to this article to manage all notifications that are available on your Mobicip app.