How Do I Regulate My Family's Internet Using Mobicip's Parental Controls?


This article shows you how to regulate the Internet usage in your family by category or based on age-appropriate classification of content.

Summary: Open Mobicip in Parent mode on your phone, select My Mobicip > My Family from the menu, and select Categories.


Open the Mobicip Portal on your computer (or App in Parent mode on your phone) and select My Mobicip > My Family from the menu.

Find your child and select 'Edit'. Then select ‘Web Categories’ from the panel at the bottom of your screen.

Based on the age of your child, Mobicip pre-selects age-appropriate categories to be allowed or blocked. Review this list and customize as necessary based on the rules in your family.

You can allow or block any category as needed.

Make sure to ‘Apply’ and ‘Save’ at the top right corner to save your changes.