How To Disable Mobicip When My Child is at School?

How Do I Turn Off Mobicip's Filtering When My Child is at School?

This feature is currently not available. We are working on adding it back.


Your children probably take their smartphones, tabs or computers to school, where the WiFi or network is already filtered. To prevent conflicts, you can optionally turn Mobicip off when the device is on the school WiFi.

Summary:  Open Mobicip in Parent mode on your phone, select My Mobicip > My Family from the menu, and select Networks.


Open the Mobicip Portal on your computer (or App in Parent mode on your phone) and select My Mobicip > My Family from the menu.

Mobicip menu

My Mobicip

My Family

For the child you wish to exempt the school network for, select Edit. Then select 'Networks' in the panel at the bottom of your screen.

Disable parental controls on school network

Identify the network by its public IP address or IP address range, and ‘Add’ to the exempted list.

add network to exempted listadd network to exempted list continued

Make sure to ‘Apply’ and ‘Save’ at the top right to save your changes.

If you wish to remove a network added previously, just select from the list and ‘Delete’.

remove network from list