What Do Strict, Moderate, Mature & Monitor Mean?

This page is obsolete and no longer relevant. Please refer to this page for the latest article.

Mobicip's default filtering options are based on commonly requested restrictions from our users over the last several years. Mobicip offers three pre-defined filtering levels.

  • High School is the least restrictive and blocks only adult-oriented and mature sites/content.
  • Middle School blocks weapons, violence, proxy, virus, hacking sites/content, in addition to Mature level restrictions.
  • Elementary blocks Google images, online shopping, gambling, dating, liquor, and chat sites/content in addition to the Moderate level restrictions.
  • Monitor Only allows unrestricted access to all sites/content, but records and reports all activity and browsing history.
The default filtering levels are a common denominator for what the average parent might want to allow. However, we constantly tweak our default filtering policy based on feedback from users. If you have any suggestions or recommendations, please get in touch with us on our helpdesk.