Screen Time Limits for Windows

The World Health Organization classifies screen addiction as a mental health condition. Limit your child's time spent on Windows computers & laptops with Mobicip's robust screen time parental controls.

Screen Time Limits for Windows

Safe Internet on Windows

Block websites across a wide variety of child-inappropriate categories. The dynamic filtering perfected by Mobicip scans web content in real-time to ensure responsible use of the world wide web.

Safe Internet on Windows

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Commonly asked Windows questions

  • Why parental controls for Windows?

    Mobicip for Windows is a powerful parental control app that protects any browser. Download and setup the Mobicip app on your child’s computer. Mobicip’s protection stays in the background and enforces your Internet usage preferences anytime, anywhere on any network, whether at home or school or public library or coffee shop.

  • Is Mobicip's filtering technology different from other filtering products?

    Most parental controls filters out the web content based on a database of whitelisted and blackisted urls. Mobicip works in a fundamentally different and more robust way, by scanning on-page content dynamically in real-time and flagging content not meant for children. This way Mobicip is far beyond just URL and keyword filtering, and can keep up with the rapid changes in online content.

  • What is Mobicip's Screen Time for Windows devices?

    During screen time limits, your child's Windows device will be completely unusable. The only thing visible on the device would be a custom block screen.

  • What do the Strict, Moderate, Mature & Monitor filtering levels mean?

    The default filtering levels are a common denominator for what the average parent might want to allow. However, we constantly tweak our default filtering policy based on feedback from users. Click here to learn more.

  • Can Mobicip be uninstalled on Windows?

    Only the registered admin can uninstall Mobicip. So rest assured; your kids can't remove Mobicip on their own.

  • I am not tech-saavy. Where can I find help?

    We have tons of tutorials, videos, FAQs and blogs to help you out. Check out our helpdesk. Contact us if you need further assistance. Several grandparents use Mobicip, its not that difficult to figure it out.