Manage Screen Addiction on the Mac

Each week, kids spend an entire 24 hrs staring at a glowing screen. Limit screen time on the macOS and set healthy limits on your child's digital experience.

Manage Screen Addiction on the Mac

Block Websites on the Mac

Ensure a safe and education online experience on macOS for your children. Weed out unwanted, unhealthy and mature content from all browsers. Ensure round-the-clock safety from online hazards.

Block Websites on the Mac

Video Tutorials

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Setup Mobicip on Mac

Configure Mobicip's Parental Controls

Mobicip's Customizable Filtering

Commonly asked Mac questions

  • Why parental controls for the Mac?

    Mobicip's most popular parental controls for Mac OS lets you block inappropriate web content before it can be viewed. You can also schedule allowed screen time and instantly lock the device for quality family time. Parents can now manage all settings on Mac, Windows, iOS and Android devices for everyone in the family through a single parent dashboard.

  • Can Mobicip protect all devices in my family?

    Mobicip is the world’s first multi-platform parental controls solution and covers most types of devices and computers in the typical household. Supported device types include iOS, Android, Windows, Mac & Kindle.

  • What does Mobicip's customizable filtering mean?

    Mobicip's customizable filtering is based on common restrictions setup by parents. Click here to learn more.

  • How does screen time work on the Mac?

    When your child accesses the Mac during screen time limits, all she would be able to see would be a custom block screen. Essentially, your child's Mac will be completely unusable during screen time limits.

  • Can children remove Mobicip from a Mac?

    No they can't. Only the registered admin user can uninstall Mobicip from the Mac.

  • I am not tech-saavy. Where can I find help?

    We have tons of tutorials, videos, FAQs and blogs to help you out. Check out our helpdesk. Contact us if you need further assistance. Several grandparents use Mobicip, its not that difficult to figure it out.