What Our Customers Say

  • HELPED US FOR YEARS - A+++ ★★★★★

    Mobicip was a great help for us with our daughter the whole time she was growing up. We homeschooled her and she was on the computer a lot and like other parents, we found out the hard way how easy it is for kids to stray to websites that they shouldn't. Mobicip let us be in charge of where she went when she was online. THANK YOU
    - Dea45678 (Review from iOS App Store)
    Dea45678 (Review from iOS App Store)
  • Great Browser for Protecting Kids ★★★★★

    We purchased this browser last year after reading many of the positive reviews, and found it extremely helpful in setting internet boundaries for our teenage daughter. Their emailed browser report was especially helpful during those times we'd get too busy or forget to check the account to review the sights she'd searched. It's great to have this type of oversight without having to constantly ask for your child's phone. It's a must for parents who would like to protect their childeren at any age from either purposely or accidentally browsing sites that are inappropriate.
    ISaid77 (Review from iOS App Store)
  • God bless

    'thank you and god bless you. it has help me and my wife's trust in protecting my eyes from so much garbage that's out there truly thank you :)'
  • No problems

    Thank you for this service. Haven't had any problems with it.
    Paul B
  • Your quality speaks volumes

    I really have always been impressed by Mobicip's customer service as well as your heart for freedom and protection for family life. Thanks so much for working on it and and the protection you provide even at a free cost. Your quality speaks volumes about the kind of people your are.
    Eric D
  • You are a stand-up company

    Thanks - you are a stand-up company and I will recommend you to friends.
    Dennis G
  • I've recommended your product countless times

    I've recommended your product countless times to parents with kids entering the digital world. Thank you for providing a means for kids to safely explore the web while providing parents peace of mind. I will continue to recommend your product to those in need.
    Vincent C
  • Great solution

    I was very happy with Mobicip and found it a great solution, answering to the need to control Internet access of my children on their iPad. I will continue to advocate around me the use of Mobicip for parents who need it.
    Thierry G
  • Great program

    'Thanks. It was a great program'
  • Great product

    It was a great product while we used it.